Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Stash #30

Really? $72.50 a yard? Starting bid? It didn't sell, but I saw a yard go for $50. Crazytown. It's adorable, but way too rich for my blood.

Our guild meeting is held at a fabric shop once a month. I know, it's a real hardship. ;) I always check the sale rack and I found some real cuties this month. Look at these lovely Kite Tails from Kaffe Fassett.
The guitar fat quarter wasn't on sale, but I needed it. The pink grapefruit and black and white print I think I already have, but they were on sale!
There was a whole line of these graphic veggies. I wish I had bought some of the other prints, but I stuck with a ratatouille theme. Now I want ratatouille. This recipe in particular. The produce market is on the errand list. My mom and I were laughing at all the fruit we've been buying this summer. It's all so good and plentiful. The veggies have been good too, but my fridge is filled with seven different kinds of fruit. I'm going to dust off the ice cream maker and make some sorbet this weekend. It's got to be a little less caloric than the peach cobbler I whipped up yesterday.
And last but not least, this cute little ladybug print. Love those selvage dots! Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. oooo I like your fabric finds better than the astronomical ebay one! and I am totally coveting that selvage for my selvage collection! where did you get that fabric???


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