Friday, August 26, 2011

Swap Out Friday

They call it Beefaroni. Remember that jingle? I loved this stuff as a teen. My mom wasn't a big fan of prepackaged foods, so getting a TV dinner or a can of Beefaroni was a real treat. A trip to McDonald's would bring me to my knees. On a whim, I bought a can of Beefaroni thinking one of my skinny kids would scarf it down. Not a chance. I don't get it. It's like low-maintenance Hamburger Helper. Pop the top and nuke the contents. They love Hamburger, ick, Helper. Now I'm going to have to eat the stuff.

But first, I'll eat the fresh stuff. It is hurricane season, so having canned goods on hand is probably a good thing. If our power goes, I'll be eating delicious Beefaroni warmed on the grill. The kids can split a can of chick peas. Anyway, I love making Tuna Salad Nicoise, but Inspector Gadget is not a big fish fan. I had leftover chicken breast, so I offered a salad bar for dinner last night. I put everything but the chicken on my version. Peppery arugula, tomato, red potatoes, hard boiled egg, avocado, red and green bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers tossed with a fresh basil and lime creamy vinaigrette. There was enough leftover for lunch too.

This lily zentangle is for a swap. I haven't done zentangles in a long time. They're very relaxing. I still need to trim it down, so most of the art on the edges will bleed off.

More swap items. Spool quilt blocks and pink coasters. These small projects are just what I need between boring work projects and paper work.

My first pull for The Love of Solids swap. I think I may edit a few of these shades out of here, but I really need to start something, time's a wasting. That top color is really a maroon. It looks like a plum in the photo. I think I like that. I'll have to find a plum and audition that. I need to chop chop and quit messing around.

Here's Dotty's latest selvage quilt creation. She sends me on of these beauties every month! They're really fun and they always remind me to play with my selvages. I plan on doing that tomorrow! Happy weekend.


  1. Your projects look so pretty and the salad really looks wonderful.

  2. I always LOVED Chef Boyardee. My mom was the same way so I mostly eat healthy now, but hey if the hurricane hits hard... ;)


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