Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wrap Up

I finished my scrappy log cabin quilt. These blocks took a while, but they were fun and put a little dent in my stash of scraps. Just a little dent. I bought the quilting, but then I almost always buy the quilting. Not my forte. I'm not even sure I want that to be my forte. I enjoy piecing much better. Quilting makes me perspire.

Some of the blocks close-up. I dabble in quite a few novelty prints, don't I? I've always been a sucker for them. They're descriptive in an artistic way. Kind of like my real job of graphic design.

The pieced back. I have to say I'm getting a little better at figuring out the math for the backs of my quilts. Those calculus classes are paying off. That's what I tell my kids. They surpassed me in math years ago, but guess who they make decipher their income tax returns? I made each kiddo sit with me this year as we filed. I plan to "retire" from that chore next tax season. I will still push savings accounts, home ownership, the stock market, CDs, diversifying, treasury bonds, retirement plans, etc.

All washed, crinkly, and wrapped up for Hollywood. She's never asked for a quilt, but she got one for her birthday anyway. I bought her a gift she really wanted while we were out shopping last month, but I wanted to have something to give her on her actual birthday. Her friends are impressed and I've had to text pictures of my wall o' fabric to her today to share with her friends. Apparently, I'm a phenomenon. Or weirdo. Sweet.


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