Sunday, March 10, 2013

Give a Little, Get a Lot

I've been a fan of the fabulous V at Bumble Beans for some time now. I had the opportunity to meet her in person at QuiltCon, where her amazing quilt won Best of Show. Besides being a world-class quilter, teacher, and inspiring kind of gal, she likes to give back to others. I don't think I've ever met a quilter that didn't like to give. Victoria is no exception.

Her Bumble Beans Basics has provided handmade quilts to those in need for a few years now. Seeing the recipients smile, cry, and wrap themselves in quilter love is a gift in itself. The latest endeavor is providing baby and twin size quilts for The Child & Family Institute. The program fosters healthy and strong relationships between babies and their caregivers. I can see how a cozy quilt made with love might just aid in that special bond.

Here's the little baby chick quilt I'm sending. Before and after washing. I love the crinkle goodness. I found this pattern in the book below. There are some really cute patterns in that book and I need to drag it out again and make something else.

I also had a little fun paper piecing this weekend. This Friendship Teacup was one of the free patterns from the QuiltCon mix tape and was designed by the talented Penny from Sew Take a Hike. Penny is another great inspiration in the quilting world. The top little mini will be a quilt for AAQI and I think I'll make a mug rug from the bottom one.

Hey Bones, get off the quilt! I'm trying to get a picture here. Animals and quilts...they go together like peanut butter and mayo. Really. Try it on toasted bread.

There ya go, Mr. Bones. That's your quilt. I even found some sun for you. Bones would be content to lay out in the front yard on his quilt and bark at everyone who dares to walk by. He'll be 13 (91 in dog years!) next month and still acts like a deranged killer around large dogs. That's mini dachshund attitude for you.

We're making pillowcases for Nemours Children's Hospital at our next guild Sew Day. I'm all cut out and ready to stitch. Ooh la la, French seams here I come.


  1. You're on a roll with the quilts for good causes! Love the little chick, and the teacup will make a great quilt for AAQI. That Mr. Bones is one lucky pup....Max is still waiting for his quilt to be made.

  2. Your little chick quilt is so cute! I've been looking for that book - it looks good.

    Love your tea cups. Very cute, and a great pattern for AAQI.

    Don't forget the "burrito" method for making the pillow cases. If you don't know it, see it here: Cute fabric you have picked out!

  3. I just love your chik quilt, the mini AAQI quilt, and the fabric for the pillowcase. You are one productive lady!


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