Monday, March 18, 2013

What a Crock

I've been pinning all kinds of things on Pinterest. My crock pot is getting a workout. I tried Greek Chicken Pitas and served them on warm onion pita with feta cheese, tomato, greens, pickled red onion, and tzatziki. I made hummus and burnt Cajun pita chips for an appetizer.

Mississippi Pot Roast was next up. I'm not sure why it's called Mississippi roast, but it was pretty good. I've made an Italian pot roast that was similar. The recipe called for a stick of butter, but I couldn't do it. That's butter waste. ;) I also used beef broth instead of the au jus package. You can see how much fat was in the finished cooking liquid. I threw some carrots, onion, and celery on top of the roast the last hour. The de-fatted cooking liquid was thickened and used for gravy on rice. Come to think of it, my friend's parents were from Mississippi and they cooked a pot roast and rice every Sunday. It cooked while we were at church and I was always invited to lunch

Since it was Pi Day (3-14), I made a blackberry pie. The pot roast and pie were made special for College Boy, who is usually at work when we eat. I knew he'd be home, so I made his favorite things.

For St. Patrick's Day, I threw this Guinness Glazed Corned Beef into the crock pot. The glaze was really good and a nice change from the usual boiled corned beef dinner. I never bought cabbage, so I made Reuben sandwiches instead. I'm going to miss the convenience of crock pot cooking this week. It gave me some extra goof off time.

This sand hill crane hung out in my yard all day Friday. When he wasn't warming himself in our dead crab grass, he was on his feet squawking or following me to the mailbox. They normally travel in pairs, but I think his mate got lost or killed. I have no idea why he thought she was in my house. For a minute I thought she might have got trapped in the garage. Wouldn't that be exciting?

Saturday's Sew Day was a blast as usual. We had a big group of quilters working on tons of fun projects, including 23 adorable pillowcases for Nemours Children's Hospital. Here's my owl one. I hope those big eyes don't keep someone awake! OvO

I also took advantage of the huge space we have at the library and attempted to lay out my Easy Street Mystery quilt. This sucker is huge. Turns out, I was short four blocks. :( I wondered why I had so many extra pieces! Good thing I kept them. I was able to sew three diagonal rows together at Sew Day and start piecing the blocks I needed.

Tada! Everything is put together and pressed. The top measures 86" square and I'm attempting to add borders now. The first border didn't fit correctly, so I need to tackle that today. Or just wad up the top and put it in a box. I believe this quilt has 2,181 pieces. Gah! I really prefer making smaller quilts. I had to sweep my back porch to get a picture and measure for borders.

P.S. I'm moderating comments for a bit because apparently the spammers like to make me blush. Usually Blogger catches spam comments, but recently I've had some "spicy" ones published. I hope you didn't see them before I deleted them. I blame my racy headlines. That's crock, spammers! Stay away from my blog.


  1. Your mystery quilt is stunning. It looks great without the border.
    The sandhill cranes in our neighborhood have been nesting and finally reunited last week with 2 chicks in tow.

  2. that guinness stew looks yummy. I'll have to try it, but without the sugar. poor crane, lost his sweetie. love your note about spammers. hee hee hee. All I get is website and mortgages and such - nothing racy.


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