Friday, March 29, 2013


I normally roast a whole chicken every Sunday for our family dinner. The leftover chicken is used for a second meal and I make stock from the bones and vegetables. I also made buttermilk biscuits Sunday and needed to find a way to get rid of those. With the homemade stock, lots of vegetables, leftover chicken and biscuits I threw together a chicken pot pie.

Finished my little Easter basket mug rug. It's about 5.25" x 7.25". I love working on miniature quilts and small sewing projects. It's fun to finish something.

Speaking of mini quilts, my name tag measures 4" x 3.5". I couldn't figure out how to put a neck strap on it, so I guess I'll just use a safety pin.

Look at this idiot lizard still in my studio. I keep hearing rustling and occasionally he pops out and startles me. I think he's losing color, he looks sickly. I wish he would follow me outside. Maybe when it gets warmer. They never survive inside.

Scrappy Trips is done. There was plenty of backing fabric, so I used a self binding method. Works like a charm and should be sturdy since it's machine sewn.

I was still in log cabin mode yesterday. The citrus colors of the squash blossom block inspired this mug rug.
Love this Angry Bird paper pieced block. I might turn him into a pouch. It's fun to find interesting paper piecing patterns. Let's see what kind of work I can avoid today. ;)


  1. Could you please take those lizards outside so they will live?

  2. I love all of the items that you have made. I don't like the lizard and assume you live in Florida or close. When my sister lived in Florida they were everywhere. Thanks for sharing!!


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