Friday, March 8, 2013

My Mom is Trying to Kill Me

Dramatic, much? Since I was a small child, my mom has tried to make me graceful. If you know me, you know I am a total spaz. Not graceful in the least. I fall off sidewalks, walk like an idiot, and so forth. I will wreck you and take you down with me if you're nearby. Just ask my QuiltCon buddies. If someone in our group tripped it was called "pulling a Michele." Mom tried years and years of ballet. Here I am at five. Look at that graceful pointed toe. Then I tried gymnastics, diving, cheerleading, skateboarding, flag twirling, dance corps, motorcycles, etc. Nope, still a spaz.

So my dear, sweet mama drops off these beauties while I'm out of town. Sketchers Shape-ups. Do they make my feet look gigantic? Why yes, they do. Plus, I'm two inches taller in these babies. I called her when I returned and thanked her for the "gift." She said, "I bought them for myself, but I can't walk in them. I'm afraid I'm going to turn an ankle or break my hip." So you give them to your spastic child? Whatevs. I'm wearing them and I feel the burn. I also feel very tall. I may tackle top shelf projects today.

The Lucky Stars BOM for March was the Ninja Star. Here's the carnage process.

I had some difficulty with this block, so I'll be redoing it. Classic paper piecing errors, that I hope to rid myself of with lots of practice. Paper piecing is so fun to me. Probably because it's challenging.

Here are all five of my stars (two are the wrong size) basking in the sun. It's so pretty out today. I've been freezing the past couple of days, so the warm temperatures are a welcome change.

This is kind of funny. QuiltCon had a 1980s theme complete with a dance party. We found these rad cassette mix tapes in our SWAG bags. There was some discussion as to if anyone still owned a cassette player and I wondered if the music would remind me of my punk music days. Oh well, it was a freebie, so no biggie if we couldn't unearth a cassette player.

And I'd love to say I figured out it was a USB drive loaded with lots of patterns, but someone had to tell me. Mind blown. I already printed off a paper piecing pattern to try later today. Happy Friday.


  1. Your post made me laugh! As a child, I desperately wanted to take ballet and jazz dance, but my mother would not let me, she said I was too clumsy. I did take exactly one tumbling class, and discovered that I was the least flexible 5-year-old girl on Earth.

    I never did take a dance class, but I love super-choreographed step classes! And I have never fallen on my ass. (Knock on wood.)

  2. Have never tried paper piecing, or fancy running shoes, but looks like you are doing well with both of them LOL

  3. Ooh I quite fancy a pair of those but it's my stomach I want to tone (I already have a fine ass lol) so not sure if they're right for me. That tape is so cute, what a great idea for a USB stick!

  4. i might have to get me some of those shoes to make me taller- are they more fashionable than platform shoes? love, love the paper pieced blocks.

  5. Too funny! I have a very similar picture of my "dancing" days as a child and I am not sharing...ever.
    I am so jealous of your USB cassette. So clever those modern quilters are!

  6. LoL! Those shoes are killing me! :) I could use some top shelf help myself.

    Paper piecing is not my fav. I feel your pain.

    And that USB drive disguised as a cassette tape is awesome!

  7. Cracking up at your moonwalk meets rehab shoes! The extra height makes you valuable at grocery stores. I seem to regularly get asked by older little ladies if I would get a top shelf item for them. In my case, it's the long arms. At least my knuckles don't drag...yet.

  8. Just found your blog nad laughed about your Mom's wanting you to be "graceful" & ending up with a clumsey gorl. Your Mom may not be trying to kill you, but she may be trying to injure you. Those Sketcher's Tone-ups are now having to pay out a lot of money because of that pair of shoes you have on. They do nothing to "tone" your leg muscles, but have caused many people who wore them fractures, tears of muscles & ligaments, surgery, etc.. The court recently determined that the claims Sketcher made were false and are making them pay damages to those seriously injured buy wearing them. You might want to check Sketcher site to see if you can get the cost of the shoes back. Kust thought you should know how dangerous those shoes actually are. I would never want another less than graceful girl to fall off a sidewalk just for wanting to be a couple of inches taller.


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