Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Stash #56 had some nice quilting fabrics for $3.95 a yard. I picked up a few things. Love those simple line drawings and funny kid sayings. I really need to start a black and white quilt. I think I've collected enough black and white prints by now.

I try to avoid sugar, but these two confections are sitting in my studio taunting me. Hey, at least I didn't make these Take Five Candy Bar Brownies by the Noble Pig. Those sound dangerous.

Speaking of taunting me, I made a vat of my mom's potato salad for the holiday weekend. I always have to ask her if she puts onions in her potato salad (she doesn't). There's no actual recipe but I know how she basically makes it. Mom would decorate would sliced hard boiled eggs and a gentle dusting of paprika versus me spilling a large amount of paprika.

The ladybug flimsy is finished. Yay! It's about 60" square. I just need to find and make a backing and get this baby to the long arm quilter. This was my first quilt top made from a kit. There was plenty of fabric leftover. Kits kind of worry me; I'm not the most accurate cutter. I was careful and ended up with plenty of leftover fabric.

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  1. Your moms potato salad looks yummy. So glad you got the ladybug top finished. It's very cute!


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