Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Stash #57

I was gifted this fun Mardi Gras fabric by Rene's sister Michelle. Rene' started the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild which I adore being a part of. She also got Michelle into quilting. I want to adopt both of them as sisters. They're both very talented quilters. I love seeing what they make.

I unearthed this fabric attempting to clean up my studio. Not sure I've shown it. I like having pictures of my fabric. It's fun to go back and see what I have in my stash.

Our Friday night dinner consisted of steak fingers with gravy, roasted sweet potato planks, and watercress salad. Notice Inspector Gadget poured gravy on everything. At least I got him to eat sweet potatoes and watercress. Progress.

Then he bought these little peppers and requested I stuff them. I used cream cheese, feta, sun dried tomatoes and herbs. He loves these peppers.

I used the leftover cheese mixture to stuff halved jalapenos. We have so many jalapenos on our bush, I'm running out of ways to use them. I wrapped these in bacon and roasted until the bacon was crispy. During the last few minutes of baking time, I swabbed them with apricot jam I loosened with a splash of vinegar. They were yummy. Even College Boy tried them. He's the jalapeno king around these parts. Roasting the peppers removes the heat. They're barely spicy after roasting. These are good on the grill too.

Tonight I'm grilling chicken thighs that have been in a tequila lime marinade. I hope I don't go up in flames. Looks like I'll be grilling in the rain. Happy Sunday!


  1. Let us know how the yummy chicken turned out! Lime is such a good marinade.

    This here:

    is not-your-grandma's jalapeno recipe. I swear by Fine Cooking's recipes, but...1 quart of ice cream = 1 jalapeno. So how many peppers do you need to use?

  2. Hey Michele, consider yourself adopted! Be careful what you wish for........


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