Friday, September 7, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I was thrilled to get my paws on this long coveted Moxie the Doxie pattern by Bad Skirt. I've followed Amy's blog for a long time and she makes the coolest stuff. To celebrate a million page views, she is graciously sharing her doxie pattern through September. Here's the dear pup in pieces. I must make a bunch of softies, because I'm almost through my second bag of fiber fill. That stuff makes me itch.

Meet Spot, the colorful dachshund. He'll have to live with an older kid because of the buttons. I thought he turned out pretty cute and the pattern walks you through each and every step. With pictures. My kind of pattern.

Someone forgot to buy lettuce at the market, so we've been eating a lot of tomato, avocado, radish, and fresh herb salads. I don't even bother with a dressing. Just a drizzle of balsamic, salt, and pepper. I picked up some lovely watercress yesterday, so we can go back to salads. Inspector Gadget is not a fan of watercress, but when I see a good bunch of it, I have to buy it.

Another quilt for AAQI. Our guild challenge for September was to make AAQI quilts. There were so many cute ones. You can see them right here. I never tire of making these little quilts. I'm looking forward to a rainy weekend with lots of cooking and sewing.


  1. Found you on Sew Many Ways... we have a mini dachshund and LOVE all things weiner ;) Thanks for posting this cute pup... I went to her blog and downloaded the pattern... looks like a trip to JoAnn's is in my future! lol thanks again :)

  2. This is just adorable! Love the polka dots!

  3. Love this blog. I always look forward to a new post!

  4. Love your little dog! Love the salad, too. Seems like we didn't get a really good tomato all summer.

  5. Thanks for the download... Jen has two mini's and Charlie will love it. Also love the salad. That's my kind of meal!


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