Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Survived

We survived Tropical Storm Issac. Our bored Florida meteorologists get so worked up. Poor people never get any snow, blizzards, earthquakes, etc. Even hurricanes are few and far between. That's why we're the Sunshine State! We didn't get much rain or wind. Bones was brave and weathered the storm like a champ. As long as there's no thunder or heavy rains, Bones is cool.

The rainy day put me in a baking mood, so I whipped up October Farm's butterhorn rolls. I halved the recipe. Inspector Gadget can only eat so much bread and the kiddos started back to college so I have no idea when I'll see them again. An empty nest is awful when you like to cook. I may have to open a restaurant or rent some children.

To go along with the rolls, I made this basil lime chicken. Yep, I was out there grilling in the middle of a hurricane cloudy day. Ha ha! My produce market had purple potatoes, which I've never seen in person or eaten. I have watched a Chopped episode that had them as a mystery ingredient. I simply boiled them and tossed them with fresh parsley, butter, sea salt, and pepper. I wonder if the purple variety have a lower glycemic level like sweet potatoes? They tasted like regular potatoes. The chicken was spectacular.

I try to make a salad every night. Takes the guesswork out of a side vegetable. If I'm in a fancy mood, I'll toss the fresh vegetables rotting in my crisper and nuke frozen vegetables.

Some basil and peppers from the garden. I neglected everything and my jalapenos turned red. Wonder if that makes them hotter? I know the tan markings mean a hotter pepper. I'll have College Boy test them out for me. He likes them on quesadillas.

I made a little quickie pouch from this tutorial. Fun and easy. I used 5" charm squares and a CD for the template.


  1. purple potatoes have to be better for you than regular since they're purple. I've never eaten them OR seen them for sale. you can rent me - I'll come eat!

  2. I love that Isaac pic! We laughed and laughed at The Weather Channel trying to make a huge deal of it (before it landed, of course.)

    Those purple potatoes are pretty. I wish they tasted differently, though - I was expecting a report that they were sweet or amazingly like no other vegetable before them. But since they're not, I guess that's why no one carries them...


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