Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two for Tuesday

I grilled two red snappers over the weekend. The fish were super fresh according to my fishmonger. The cloudy eyes got "cooked" in my citrus marinade. Gross, huh? I've always wanted to grill a whole fish. Inspector Gadget was freaking out. He prefers his fish to come from the frozen food section in stick form.

The skin stuck to the grill grates terribly, but the flavor of the fish was really nice. We had these as an appetizer before Frogmore stew. No frogs were used for the stew. Now that would really freak out the Inspector. Frogmore stew involves shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. I usually throw in onion and garlic too. Some people add crab legs or crayfish. It's a great one-pot meal for a casual crowd, which sums up all our dinner guests. And you can cook and serve it outside. On newspaper if you're classy like that. Easy clean up and only one pot to wash.

Nachos for dinner one night. I ran out of things to cook. I had one piece of leftover chicken, queso, and squeeze guacamole. Those red jalapenos are spicy. Another one plate dinner. I haven't been in a cooking mood lately.

Playing around with wonky half square triangles. These babies trimmed to 1.5 inches.

First there was some reason and order, then things got funky because I forgot where everything went. Watching movies and sewing is difficult for some.

And finally, a 6" x 7" little mug rug is done. I'm battling Hyperosmia (a heightened sense of smell) this week. It's awful. So awful I had to Google it. I've been in bleaching/cleaning mode to rid everything of odor. Odor that only I can detect. The dog is staying away from me. He thinks I'm going to Frebreze him.


  1. guacamole from a squeeze bottle? aaagh, the despair. wow, maybe I need to get a hyper sense of smell if that would induce me to clean.

  2. I have never heard of hyperosmia but can imagine how uncomfortable that would be. On the bright side, your house will be super clean! Poor the dog, I imagine him sleeping with one eye open.

  3. I'm with the husband. I love fish, but I prefer it to not still have eyeballs.


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