Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scullery Maid

Tomorrow, December 16 is Free Shipping Day from many online retailers. Over 2,000 retailers are participating. Finish up that Christmas shopping or buy yourself a little something something. Feel free to shop in your pajamas with your beverage and snack of choice. And while you shop, listen to Pandora Radio's Christmas station. I was too lazy to get my Christmas CDs.

The Krazy Coupon Lady had a neat idea for removing tarnish from silver by using cream of tarter and hot water in an aluminum pan. I broke out my grandma's silver and gave it a try. The process did remove much of the tarnish, but not all of it. Then I Googled a hot water, crumpled aluminum foil and baking soda method, which seemed to work better. Cheaper too! I did have to finish the job off with some silver polish. The platters and serving pieces didn't get done because the scullery maid got bored.
But lookie! Shiny silver! My grandmother's service was for 12 originally, but I guess a few pieces went missing over the years. I rescued this silver from the garage sale or poor kids pile when I lived at home. My mom is not very sentimental over material things. Ahem. Or maybe she doesn't like polishing silver. Can't blame her there. The knives have a few dents. I'd like to think my grandparents used them to crack blue crabs. Bet they did!
The serving pieces aren't part of the set. I can't recall how I have these.
Or these miscellaneous spoons. I probably bought them from estate sales or thrift shops. I swear I won't steal your silver if you invite me over.
This odd fork is my favorite. I may eat with it every day. Our daily flatware we use at home has some special bond with College Boy. He won't use any utensils that do not go with that set. You can put a mismatched spoon in his soup, and he'll exchange it. What an odd kid. If he ever moves out, I plan to give him that flatware.

 I did have a little sewing time to make another little case from this tutorial.

Photo credit: Joanna Rutter
And just look at this necklace. Joanna Rutter is an independent British jewelry designer. I found her through one of my Pinterest buddies. Sadly, the Christmas gift window is out, but I thought she was just too talented not to share. Maybe she'll send me a coupon!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

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