Friday, November 18, 2011

Sew Day Eve

These Star Flower blocks went together pretty easily. I may add some sashing and cornerstones and use this for a doll quilt swap.

Our guild's December BOM in organic colors. Someone will win all the blocks that members turn in. It's always a fun challenge each month. Rene' chooses great blocks and color schemes and we have a lot of participation. The finished quilts have been amazing.

My mouth is watering for turkey. We have two 13 lb. turkeys in the deep freeze. Inspector Gadget bought one last week and College Boy got one free at work yesterday. Also, Publix has them on sale for 59 cents a pound, so I'm going to have to walk by that section quickly today. Three turkeys is overkill! Naw, I love turkey. I could eat it a couple times a week. I'm thrilled to have two birds to play with. One I can roast and make a new turkey gravy recipe I found (it involves wine!) and the other I'll barbecue. I love barbecuing turkeys on my charcoal grill.

Tomorrow is Sew Day. A full day of sewing, eating and chatting with friends. Heaven, no? I'll be there with bells on and my usual method of throwing unfinished stuff in a box and/or bringing new stuff I may or may not be inspired to chop.


  1. totally in love with your star blocks. dying just a bit here........aaaaa gasp, wait, some chocolate will save me. okay, good now, you are off the hook!

  2. That middle square of the star block just calls out for a little embroidery to me. Do you embroider? No, somehow I think you've said you don't.

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