Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's the Little Things

I found this cute wonky teacup block tutorial this week. Had to play. Why do I always get bored at the odd numbered block?

Finally finished the little pear mini I painted. I love the jello mold backing fabric. My son is a no fruit in jello kind of kid. Myself, I loved bananas in red jello when I was growing up.

My friend down in Miami asked me for some handmade items to sell at her craft booth. I whipped up these simple travel tissue holders to send. Might have to make some more of these for stocking stuffers. Fun and easy.

Over the weekend we attended "GumboPalooza" at our local watering hole. There were 24 different kinds of gumbo to sample. Gumbo city! We have to quit attending these cook-offs or exercise more. I think I need to find a celery cook off next week.

I practiced paper piecing yesterday. Man, I'm all over the place. Just call me no-attention span Michele.


  1. Those little cups are adorable! I like that pear, too.
    Gumbo sounds good right now:)

  2. I love your pear mini. Its great. And your last paper piece i believe is a gnome in hiding. Adoale.

  3. Love the jello fabric! Also all the cute cups, yummy-looking pear and adorable gnome. I may make the tissue holder--thanks! --Jean


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