Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Day is It?

Stumbled upon a cute circle pouch this morning. Now my earbuds have a cozy home. I loved how easy the zipper was in the tutorial. A bigger circle pouch may be tomorrow's little "sew before you have to do real stuff" project.

Yesterday, I made four more of those cute travel tissue holders. Now these are really easy.

This Star Flower block looked fun. Trimming half square triangles gets a little tedious, but hopefully it will help construction. I'm good for about four of these. Big talk since I haven't sewn one together yet. Everything is cut, sewn and trimmed though. Wish me luck.

Am I the last blogger using Blogger's new look? I tried it a while ago and it seemed so unfriendly. I'm trying it again. Maybe a little brain exercise won't be so bad for me.

Procured me another butternut squash. I can't get enough of this veggie. I'm making a vat of soup again. Too bad I'm the only one here that eats it. At least it's good for breakfast. I guess I could freeze some.


  1. Love your star flower block and the little stuffs!!


  2. so much gorgeousness--i can't wait to see how your star flower turns out. it looks amazing already!


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