Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

Our three days after Thanksgiving meal was wonderful. I made a half version of this delicious pumpkin pie cake. I used the last of my walnuts in pesto (yuck) so I had to top it with pecans. Either nut is delicious on this super easy recipe. It's like pumpkin pie cobbler. I've heard it's good warm with vanilla ice cream.

The French lentils were sublime. I flavored them with half a turkey neck and cloves of garlic. You aren't a serious food geek until you've snapped a turkey neck in half with your bare hands.

I try not to eat white potatoes (glycemic thing), but I do cheat on occasion. I used the last of my red potatoes and some of those fancy little designer potatoes. And yep, I leave the skins on. I hate peeling potatoes. Those little ones would be hard to peel. My turkey gravy turned out great even though the recipe I wanted to try involved white wine and I didn't have any. I know. There's always next time!

The turkey stock is bubbling on the stove as I type. Once again, my house smells wonderful. I actually found turkey stock in the grocery store this year. It's always been so elusive before. And after 25 years, Inspector Gadget didn't try to throw the turkey carcass in the trash. He actually asked what container I wanted it in. Progress, people. My family calls turkey stock "elixir" after we all left a pot of it simmering on the stove all night long and it turned a deep, golden brown. That stuff was money!

CSN Stores has recently changed it's name to Wayfair and still provides affordable home furnishings, decor, kitchen and dining items, bed and bath goodies, and much more. The best part is that everything is below retail and shipping is usually free. I am such a sucker for free shipping.

I'm going to review these lovely Calphalon nonstick skillets, but while I'm waiting, I'm going to admire this gorgeous penny rug. I've always wanted to make a penny rug quilt. You should see all of their pretty kitchen rugs. See how easily I get distracted? It's Cyber Monday. And my wrist hurts.

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  1. Yum!! You make me want Thanksgiving all over again.


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