Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veteran's Day. We opened one of Inspector Gadget's MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat) the other day. I've learned not to ask why we have things like MRE's. Maybe my cooking got bad for a while. Anyway, it was fun to see what was in one and use the cooking bag to heat up the meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The instructions were kind of funny and I cannot recommend the cracker. Maybe I should have put some of the jelly on it. The MRE experiment made me appreciate our veterans even more. I think I'll Adopt a Soldier and get a care package together.

It's also Corduroy Appreciation Day. Nifty quilts has a great post linking to 30 corduroy quilts. Save the wales.

Crafty Gemini has a neat tutorial for Grab-N-Go potholders.

Finished! I hope this wheelchair lap quilt keeps one of our veterans warm and cozy. It's pretty great living in a country that works so hard to protect us. I wish I could make everyone a home-cooked meal to show my appreciation.


  1. Thank you for the Adopt a Soldier link. My son is in the Army and recently brought home MREs for us to try.

  2. So, now I can send you a retort pouch of ODEN to you in a next time? LOL

    Love the pot holders, but I couldnt understand how to make it. Can you show me how it looks when it is turned out?


  3. back when I was in ROTC we knew that the real meaning behind MRE's was:
    Rejected by the

  4. Am I a terrible person to say that the first thing I thought when I saw that first picture was "Why does Michele have pictures of condoms on her blog??"


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