Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Stash #39

No stash to show, but I did hit Jo-Ann's sale for 60% off Fiskars cutting tools and snagged a pack of rotary blades and a cutting mat that is the size of my drafting table. Also snagged another 25% off my total purchase. Malibu Barbie went with me and picked up some crafty stuff too. I hope Fiskars isn't the cutting mat brand that stinks. Have you heard of cutting mats that smell? So far, no odor. And you can bet I was sniffing it at the store.

I played with these Kaffe Drunkard's Path blocks a long time ago and decided to finalize a setting.

Even the leftovers were sewn together. Potholder, maybe? My WIP pile is taking a beating. I crack myself up. My WIP pile is epic and kind of scary.

Check out this puppy picture made from candy sprinkles! It took eight months to create. Now that's a huge work in progress.

It's turkey cooking day here. I'm so excited! What a cooking geek I am. We went out for Thanksgiving, so have been missing leftovers. I'm not doing the whole Thanksgiving spread, but Inspector Gadget has requested green bean casserole and stuffing. I need lentils and mashed potatoes with gravy. Cranberry sauce is easy to make and a must have for leftover turkey sandwiches. There's leftover green salad from last night's dinner. My mouth is watering already!


  1. You always make me hungry. (I'd love to know what the whole spread includes)!
    Maybe you can "demo" how to sew curves??
    I need the instruction. I'm scared to even try it.

  2. Love your cooking geekness. Can smell the cooking from all of your beautiful photos you post of them, from here.

    But oh my goodness! Didn't realize that I needed to start smelling rotary cutting mats before a purchase! So, when they are new, or when the rotary blade powers up and heats up the cutting table? ;)

  3. Great blocks to showcase your Kaffe fabrics!

  4. oh yeah, I've had the dark green cutting mats that stink for months and months. gah! wow, you ended up getting those items for 85% off? holy cow.


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