Friday, July 15, 2011


Ta da, this little mini is finished! It's for a swap. It's amazing how versatile and fun half square triangles are.

Hollywood and I did a little retail therapy this week. I tried to get her to sit by Barney, but she was worried about germs. Ha! This is my second child who put anything and everything into her mouth as a baby and toddler. Actually, I still yell at her about putting inappropriate things into her mouth!

Hollywood has always been stylish. See her beads? And I'm sure she's wearing a dress in this photo. The kid refused to wear anything but dresses until she was in second grade. Good thing we live in a warm climate. Don't tell my mom, but Hollywood has dyed her hair jet black with deep purple highlights. Lovely. I didn't start coloring my hair until, ahem...well, I had to. This kid was sneaking Sun-in and make-up in elementary school! I have a feeling tattoos are next. Noooooo! I'm going to go buy stock in the Clairol company.

Have a great weekend!


  1. After her senior pictures were taken, my sister cut her hair short and dyed it Smurf blue. She's a little pixie-type, and it looked awesome on her. (That may have actually been my favorite hair style on her ever.) My mother, who had your take on it, was always baffled when asked why she allowed it. "She's a solid student in the IB program who works part-time and stays out of trouble. Blue hair is a pretty minor teenage rebellion. Why wouldn't I let her?" For her 18th birthday, Mom took her to get her belly button pierced. The tattoos came in college, tasteful ones you can only see when she's wearing a bathing suit. And she's now two semesters short of her doctorate in physical therapy, happily married and a pretty awesome adult... I'm thinking I'll let Daniela dye her hair and pierce her bellybutton if that's all it takes to get rebellion out of her system!

  2. I think my husband would have a fit if our daughter dyed her hair black with purple highlights. But then again, she's 7, so who knows where we'll be in 10 long as she's respectful to us and herself and does what's right, I'm not opposed to a little hairdye. Besides, I keep mine colored, even if it is just LOTs and LOTs of blond streaks in my dishwater brown hair! ;)

  3. Your daughter is beautiful both then and now!!!


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