Monday, July 25, 2011

Not So Manic Monday

I sewed my Kaffe Fassett birthday charms (thanks again, Rene') into HSTs on Sew Day and promptly put off trimming them. Trimming is so boring, but it sure makes things line up easier. Ask me how I know. Don't be alarmed by my neat piles. I was just counting blocks and decided to be neat for once. It'll pass. I'm sure it already has.
Now what can I make with the trimmings? I see an orange dog ear triangle in there. I'm kidding. This is trash.
So 81 trimmed blocks later, I'm playing with a layout on my design floor. I love it. I may try another layout now that I've picked them up off the floor, but I sure like this one. The solid is Kona Charcoal, my current love. I want a bolt of that stuff.

It was a whirlwind weekend as usual, but I did sneak off to a rummage sale at our local Catholic church Saturday morning. They usually have some goodies in the linens and crafts room. I found this vintage doll panel featuring Little Red Riding Hood, Granny and the mean wolf. The vintage illustrations are so adorable.

I joined a swap to exchange "Lemon Meringue" fat quarters. You send your partners white and yellow fat quarters. Then I decided to try to make a mug rug in the same theme.

Tuna pasta salad for dinner. I whipped this up yesterday between trying to keep cool on a boat ride and in the pool. My pool is a refreshing bathtub-like 92 degrees. The 1960s-esque salad features penne pasta, tuna, tomatoes, scallions, celery, green olives, hard boiled eggs, lime juice, mayo, mustard. I'll serve it over spinach leaves for me and iceberg for the picky. The kids are both working, so hopefully I can talk Inspector Gadget into a cold dinner. I'm making a huge fruit salad to go along with everything right after someone turns off the internet. Happy Monday!


  1. The Kaffe Fassett colours are stunning against the charcoal black.

  2. I LOVE the diamond layout of the HSTs. So striking.

  3. Love love love the HST quilt!!
    Stunning! and I am drooling!


  4. That salad looks yummy to me. And...I like everything that's in it!

  5. Love the HST quilt! So striking!

  6. Beautiful quilt! You're right, the Kona charcoal looks wonderful.

  7. Gorgeous HSTs - great layout! gonna have to try that myself! love your food shots - but reading this late at night and you've made me hungry! :(

  8. Great way to use that Kaffe fabric! You sure you can't use those HST trimmings? Just kidding. Awesome block layout with that Kona Charcoal. I really like your meringue pie mini too. How cute is that?

  9. Michele...I LOVE the HST layout!! I saw this one on my phone and had to save it till I got to my computer so I could pin it!! Great job!


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