Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun

30-Minute French Baguettes. Really good. And only five ingredients. That same night I made Mediterranean beef stew with tomatoes, red wine vinegar, veggies, herbs, olives and capers. Not a bad dipping "sauce" for fresh bread!

I love summer and the huge fruit population. It's all cheap, plentiful and tastes so good. Seems a little early for good peaches and nectarines, but they have been spectacular. The vegetables and herbs have been great too. I'm buying way too much because it all looks so good.

I made more wonky house blocks. I think I need four more to make a little baby quilt. The sewing has taken back seat to summering kids, work, laundry and cleaning. The guild has its monthly Sew Day this Saturday, so I'll catch up on some projects then.

College boy and his friend set sail in a the pool. They ventured out back to the pond and eventually carried it to the big lake so they could cool off in the water.

Here's a funny collection of letters to the Tooth Fairy.


  1. Oh my, I will definitely be giving that French Baguettes recipe a try! Yummy!

  2. Great seeing all your wonky house blocks together! You know how I love those. Enjoy Sew Day on Saturday. By the way, I love your comment in a previous post about all the cool blogger kids doing the Farmer's Wife quilt along ;-) You should do know you want to...and you're a cool blogger;-)!!!

  3. I really will have to try those baguettes...they look great, and sound like something I could do!

  4. i love all things bread-y, and my, those baguettes look fetching. love the canoe in the pool, too...looks like your kiddos (and friend) are as zany as mine.

  5. Ok. So everything about this post is awesome. The bread? Awesome. The stew described? Awesome. The house blocks? Awesome. Canoe in pool? Awesome.

  6. as usual, I want to come eat at your house! love the house quilt in progress - cute!

  7. Yummy bread! I would love the stew recipe too!!

  8. Love your wonky house blocks - that is going to be such a fun and colourful quilt.

    Home made baguettes look so delicious.

  9. Hello,
    Love your quilts and that fresh fruit


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