Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Creative Space

Half graphic design studio, half sewing room, I've only taken over two rooms in the house. Well, let's not talk about the guest room. If you come for an overnight visit, I may need a bit of notice... The photo above shows the sewing side. My machine, laptop and TV are usually used in tandem. This is the formal living room of our house, which I'm sure would be a dust collector if I didn't have my graphic design business and sewing studio in here.
I use an old drafting table for cutting. It's over on the right in the mess. I did "old school" graphic design on one of these back in the day. Now everything is done on an Apple computer, which makes it so much easier. The drafting table was able to stay for painting, paper crafting, and making comps for clients. Now it's mainly used to chop fabric. My bookshelf held many graphic design books and cookbooks, but I'm steadily replacing those with quilting books.
I hope you enjoyed seeing where I create. It's hard to believe that I only started quilting a little over four years ago. I'm so hooked. Can you tell?! To see more creative spaces, check out Pink Chalk Studio's "Where I Sew" for awesome inspiration and dream sewing rooms.


  1. Great, great fun seeing your creative space, Chele! Love all of your quilts on the wall and lovely fabrics and supplies and all. Seeing where others design and sew is like allowing us a peek into their creative soul. So, thank you so much for sharing. I loved it!

  2. I am much too happy to find the mini quilt I sent you is hung on the wall!! It is like I am ALWAYS watching you while you are working!!!LOL
    Let me know what the funky pink and black fabric is, is it a sewing machine cover???
    Where are your UFOs sitting??? I can't find them in a pic...


  3. Love seeing your creative space! Looks like you're well set up and surrounded by inspiration (I'm in love with the shelving housing your carefully coloured grouped fabric - just seeing it inspires me to get my fabric up on some shelves where I can see it).

  4. Ali would love your color wheel.

    I love your beautiful stacks of color organized material... oh, color.

  5. I love your space!! Please come set up mine???
    I really enjoy looking at the quilts hanging, and how organized you are!

  6. Yowza!!! Look at that to-die-for fabric stash!! Can I come play?

  7. Wow! That fabric is just screaming to be dug into!

  8. fabulous creative space. I love how you've put up all the small quilts.

  9. What a wonderfully colorful space to create in! I love the little quilts - that a great touch.


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