Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are You Pinning?

Yet another way to waste time. You know I'm good at that, right? Laundry is so overrated. Disposable clothes are my invention, okay? Well, disposable socks and underwear anyway. I've been touting the benefits for years, but I can't afford the patent. I just want credit where credit is due. Ha!

Pinterest allows you to "pin" photos you like. What's really great about the service is that it saves the link where you saw the picture. Saving (and retrieving) tutorials, quilt patterns, recipes, etc., just became easier. I don't know about you, but I have fifty zillion links saved in my browser bookmarks. Pinterest lets you organize with pictures. Nifty! Give it a try if you haven't already. I'd love to see your pins and what you think is cool. I get my best inspiration from you folks!

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Anya at Hills Creek Quilter has hung her "barn" quilt. Isn't it beautiful? The red and white quilt block is "Annie's Choice," which fits Anya perfectly. Check out her blog for tons more inspiration and fun.

 For the Love of Solids Swap
1. plain spoken quilt, 2. Color Cues (WIP) Close Up--4/2010, 3. Wide Stripe Quilt, 4. A quilt for Nate, 5. gelato circles, 6. In A Spin ~ Quilt, 7. Mini, 8. Untitled, 9. color dotty top
I've joined the For the Love of Solids swap on Fickr. Solids quilts have always been so inspiring to me and I've dabbled in a few. The mosaic above features some of my favorites that others have made. I'm looking forward to seeing what this swap group creates. There's still room for a few more participants, so if you'd like to play check it out.


  1. You're such a bad influence. I've resisted Pinterest so far (even though I got an invite), but I did just leave a comment for the Solids swap if there's room.

  2. I just started pinning yesterday. I spent the ENTIRE morning (at least 5 hrs) yesterday playing on there. I really need to stay away but it is so much fun and love having ideas I've seen and want to remember handy.

  3. I've tried to get into pinterest, but I'm just not sure it's for me... but I enjoy everyone else's pins!

  4. you got me Michele. I'm going to take a look right now at pinterest...

  5. Oh, you're going to have so much time with that swap. Yup, I'm on pinterest. I'm going to go look!


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