Friday, July 8, 2011

More Ways to Waste Time*

*or How to Avoid Laundry.

I love Pee Wee Herman. Toy-A-Day has all kinds of cute paper crafts you can print and make. Here's the pdf file for Pee Wee. Now if I could find a color printer in this house with color ink in it. Could be tricky.

Have you seen the wonderful blocks from The Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-Long? All the cool blogger kids are doing it. Working with templates kind of scares me, but I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's blocks. I'll keep the book on my Wish List until I come to my senses.

One thing about sampler quilts (111 blocks in this one!) is that you don't get bored doing the same block over and over. With my attention span, I know that piecing a quilt with 56 of the exact same blocks is not going to be fun for me. The first three are going to be fun and exciting. The next 53 not so much.

But house blocks...I seem to never tire of those. Go figure. I'm making some for a swap, but they're like potato chips, you can't make just one. Or three.

These Tonya-esque letters were supposed to be another Love Shack house like the one above, but I couldn't get them to fit when stacked. So horizontal we go. Improvisational quilting is so liberating.

Godspeed, Atlantis. The final shuttle flight went off without a hitch today. What great memories we'll have of the space program.
Here was my view. I could see a faint vapor trail in the cloud clearing.


  1. I hate I forgot and missed the shuttle launch this morning. Dangit.

    btw - I waved at you while I was in Florida this week!! Not really, but it's the thought that counts, right?

  2. Greetings from Tunisia! Just came across your fun blog and enjoyed looking it over. Great fabrics and projects!
    best, nadia

  3. love the love! weather was so gray here there was no chance to see the shuttle.


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