Thursday, January 13, 2011

Think Tropical

Oh boy, it's been cold. Sweater and coat weather in Florida. Shoes, even. From what I've heard, Florida is the only state in the US without snow on the ground. Not fair. If it's going to be cold, give us some of that pretty white stuff. And ski slopes! Instead of freezing today, I thought about the tropics. Umbrella drinks, hot sand, warm surf, and pineapples.

I was reading blogs this morning and stumbled upon a little project I could fit in today. Karen at the Selvage Blog made a gigantic pineapple block on her Snow Day. She linked a great tutorial, so I gave it a try. I don't think I've made a pineapple block before. It was really fun and this technique was easy.

This potholder was supposed to be winter themed. I went with a wonky log cabin with Elvis on the back side. My partner collects Elvis memorabilia. I used both cotton batting and Insul-brite, which I've decided is too much bulk. The Insul-brite is so thin, so I thought adding cotton batting would help, but it made it too bulky and hard to machine quilt. Maybe a layer of cotton flannel next time?

Stay warm everyone. Enjoy those snow days. Mother Nature is giving everyone a workout this week.


  1. Those tropical pineapple blocks are stunning! They sure don't look easy...think I need to check out tutorial!

  2. I love your pineapple blocks. I never realized that they look like snowflakes before. I'm a big Elvis fan and log cabins are my favorite block, so I love love love your potholder.

  3. Well, they certainly don't look easy. They're gorgeous! Insul-brite recommends the addition of cotton batting, but it's going to take 6 months for my potholders to to feel like it's ever been used.

  4. digging your pineapples and Elvis Rocks!


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