Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Raining!

Sorry, central Florida. I wanted to grill tonight, so I brought on the rain. Nice though, isn't it? We've been dry. I love rain and storms. Tropical storms are my favorite, and we're kind of tropical here. And you can bet I'll be out there grilling in the downpour. I'll try to dodge the lightening.

I put a palm border on my little Florida mini quilt. Time to quilt it now. Saturday is Sew Day for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, so I'm gathering projects to work on.

The talented Sarah from House of Krom is having a Free Piecing Study. The first block was this fun Mondo Bird. I didn't quite get the beak pointy enough or get the proportions correct, but it is free piecing, right? I sure enjoyed the process and seeing all the other Mondo bird interpretations. My block measures about 8" x 12". I might try a flock of mini blocks using this technique. Next up is a log cabin house, which is right up my house alley! I love blogland.

I watched "Inception" this weekend and got this 1930s repro quilt bound. When the sun comes back out and it dries up, I'll get a full shot. I made this top in 2008, but it hung around in my tub o' tops until late last year. Eagle Mountain Quilting did the lovely quilting.

Apparently I was going to use it as a tablecloth. I forgot all about that. It fits my kitchen table perfectly. Oh well, it's a quilt now. I love looking at all the cute prints on those 1930s reproduction fabrics. I think we quilters should get food manufacturers back to using feed sacks. Free fabric with bags of flour, sugar, grits, pet food, etc. Wouldn't that be fun? I could just see all of us sorting through the merchandise looking for the prints we liked! Maybe that's why they stopped selling food in fabric bags.

Look at this NYC selvage quilt. My selvage buddy, Dotty has spoiled me again. She's so creative with these selvages. A true artiste. Speaking of being spoiled, my friend Yumi from Japan sent me a lovely package. More on that later.


  1. Michele, you had me cracking up with your feed sack comment. I could just see it now! I might actually enjoy going to the grocery store if they brought those back! Lovely projects in this post! See you Saturday!

  2. Oh how I miss Florida thunder storms. Everyone thought I was crazy but I'd sit out on the patio and watch them. Love the lightning ~ and listening to the roar of the thunder.
    The snow here is beautiful and quiet but I really am missing Florida.
    Love that little Florida quilt. I may have to do something similar!

  3. The feed and flour sack return would also fill that 'green' movement everyone wants to be part of these days. Can't you just hear the ads? I hope some clever distributor reads your blog!


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