Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Those Quilters!

My mail has been so fun lately! I sure do miss all those political flyers. NOT!

My friend Yumi in Japan is an accomplished modern quilter. She made me this gorgeous miniature quilt in my favorite colors. I'm seriously thinking of decorating a room around it. Her hand quilting is what really makes it special. I'm honored to have several "Yumi Creations."

I love this calico print zipper! Yumi knows what I like. She also sends fun Japanese snacks. I forgot to get a picture of those. The college kid opened every package and sampled everything the day they came! We especially loved the plum gummy candies and chocolate? pop rocks.

These buttons are so clever! I love black and white fabric with type on it. These buttons are perfect! A fellow quilter swap buddy sent me these. I love the way they're displayed too. I may just frame the whole card!

Another swap buddy sent me a mess o' selvages and three of her beautiful postcards. She collects selvages too, so it was so sweet of her to share with me. I really enjoy seeing other quilter's creations. Ya'll are a talented bunch. And speaking of talent, tomorrow is our guild's Sew Day. As usual, I have no idea what I'll bring to work on, but I'll be there with bells on!


  1. Hi, I am so happy to find the mini quilt I sent you on here!
    SHE looks cute on here!LOL


  2. Ohh, pretty creative stuff :)Yumi's quilt is gorgeous!
    I love selvage projects but haven't tried any yet... still thinking what I want to do!


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