Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun in Florida

January's Doll Quilt Swap has a theme to show where you live. Since I've always lived in Florida, a Florida quilt was a no-brainer. I've been collecting five-inch charm for an I Spy quilt, so I dug into those for inspiration. Oranges, bananas, strawberries, beach scenes, sand pails, flip flops, golf balls, blue crabs, bugs, Mickey Mouse and fish. All the things I love about Florida. Except the bugs. And oh yeah, the snakes.

January 2010 Florida Quilt

I had a great time last year creating the "Tacky Tourist." And I'm only teasing about our tourists being tacky. We love our tourists and appreciate not having to pay a state tax. Both kids work part time jobs at the theme parks so they get to enjoy the tourists even more. My son can say "fasten your seat belts" in seven different languages.

And here's I Spy Florida Mosaic ready for quilting! I may put a green palm frond border on it first. I got the idea for the mosaic from this cool Mod Mosaic Pillow tutorial from one of my very favorite quilters, Elizabeth Hartman.

I completed one of the blocks for the Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll mystery. I like it. Unfortunately, those little 2.5" half square red and tan triangles will be the death of this quilt. 600 of those boring suckers are needed. Ick. Yuck. Poo. I'm thinking of downsizing to lap quilt size and I'll have bonus extra pieces that I've already constructed. I suspect the pieced border is going to be over my head as well. Oh well, I tried and it was fun for a while. One day I'll have a better attention span!


  1. Michele both of those Florida minis are fun! Great idea to do a mosaic i-spy theme! Good luck with the mystery quilt...

  2. Totally understand about the 100s of hst's ... I've been saving the pdf "lessons" but was waiting to see the results before I committed to make the quilt. I rather doubt that I will start it ... but I'll have the instructions if I ever change my mind.

  3. Found your blog through Swap Bot. I've really enjoyed looking through your projects. Awesome!


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