Monday, January 24, 2011


A little chilly here this weekend. Perfect for inside home renovations. Inspector Gadget is probably happy to be at work so he can rest. This snowman potholder arrived in the mail. Isn't it adorable?

More free piecing. The House of Krom has block two in her free piecing study. The log cabin house was so much fun I may have to try a few more.

My biohazard pineapple blocks were made into a table runner. I was going for a Valentine's Day look, but all I kept seeing were biohazard symbols, so I thought it should be a little edgier. The quilting is done, but I need to bind it. The backing fabric is Kung Fu Pandas. Not sure what I was drinking thinking for this piece!

Some bits and pieces: Zentangle ATCs in progress and finished, a cute felt bird someone made me, and a dachshund Silly Bandz a friend sent my daughter and I. I'm always amazed at how many quilters have doxies.

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  1. these are cute and so beautiful! keep up the good work.


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