Monday, September 16, 2013

Sewing Museum Stuff

The lovely Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt is hosting a Sewing Museum link party. It's fun to see everyone's antique and vintage sewing machines and notions. These old wooden spools have always fascinated me. Did you ever use an empty spool to blow soap bubbles when you were a kid? Dish soap, water and a thread spool makes a fine bubble set. Just make sure you don't bring the bubbly end to your mouth. Memories.

I wrote about finding my old Singer 201-2 in 2012 and I found all kinds of treasures in the cabinet. I named the machine Linda because that was one of the popular girl names in 1948 when she was made. She also has a deep throat and Linda Lovelace starred in that cult classic movie. Maybe we'll just go with the popular name correlation. Ha.

A couple of oldies hanging out on my bookshelves. I should toss that pink marking powder. It would make a total mess if it ever came open. Love the zipper in it's own storage compartment. It's a Coats & Clark's "Trouble-Free" zipper. And guaranteed for life. Not bad for 40 cents.

An old Durkee's mayo jar filled with old buttons. There are some neat ones in there. I've been meaning to go through them and find another container, but I kind of like the old mayo jar.

More old buttons. You can see my reflection in one of the buttons.
See me? Or my hands, camera, and blue shirt.
At least I wasn't this guy! I wonder if his tea kettle ever sold on eBay? I purposely left this photo small. ;) Gee whiz, this post has gone PG-13 real quickly.

Old metal zippers and rick rack are fun notions. You can still buy rick rack, but not for eight cents a pack. Or at Penney's. I wish the department stores did still carry fabric. I can kind of remember Belk Lindsey having a small fabric/craft department.

Speaking of vintage things, the bow tie quilt is all quilted. Most of the fabrics are older vintage prints I've collected over the years. I had a few minutes to sew the binding on today, so it's almost done.

Linking to Love Laugh Quilt and Skip to My Lou. Go visit them and find some fun reads. You didn't need to do laundry anyway.


  1. Mmm...I love your quilt! What a beauty!

  2. Love your deep-throated Linda, she's a beauty!
    And your bow ties are great!

  3. Your post was very entertaining....lovers looking at all your stuff !

  4. the bow-ties are fabulous! thanks for the laughs!

  5. What fun goodies! Love the Bow Tie quilt too.

  6. That's a really nice machine, and 8 cents for rick rack. That's unbelievable. HA!

  7. Very interesting and fun items you have. Love the vintage bow tie quilt. Colorful.

  8. LOVE your vintage bow-tie quilt! Great fabrics.:)

  9. Lovely machine - ah, and all those 'cheap' notions are still made by the very same companies that we pay ??? for. Super bow tie quilt!

  10. No, don't throw out the pink powder! We had one of those hem puffer things at school. You've just given me the best laugh all morning.

  11. The bow tie is wonderful, love looking at all the prints. Great post with a few laughs and info. 8 cents, and probably all cotton.

  12. Such a fun linky party! Your bowtie quilt is beautiful! ANd your button collection is so fun!


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