Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Shall I Name Her?

Found this old gal at an estate sale down the road. Inspector Gadget bought it for me since it was my birthday. She's a Singer 201-2 made in 1948. Her Art Deco cabinet is amazing and I spent some time emptying the stuffed drawers and giving them a good wiping out.

There were treasures galore. This pile isn't really sewing related, but it is pretty clever to use nut picks as stilettos. I did trash a bunch of miscellaneous stuff as I organized the drawers.

Old needle books. Good thing they're rust proof, these have been around a while.
More tools. Light bulbs, thimbles, needles, and more.
Fancy feet. Some of these are so complicated.
A buttonholer, Wiss pinking and regular shears, and the manual to the machine.
Big jars of fun buttons which I've already culled through and saved my favorites. I thought the Durkee's mayo jar was kind of charming too.
Thread galore. I haven't seen many wooden spools in my short sewing career. Now if I can find the craft that I needed wooden spools for, I'll be in business.
Not sure what these scissors do. They have a pinking edge as well as a metal bar. I can't get them to cut fabric.
These old patterns were in the seat compartment.

The machine runs quietly and very smoothly. I had to re-thread the bobbin to get the tension right, but that's all it took. I'm going to have to learn how to oil her and lube her motor. Luckily, there's detailed instruction in the manual. I think she'll be a good machine to learn more about old sewing machines. Now to find her a name. Any ideas?


  1. you lucky thing, she is a beauty, enjoy using her

  2. what about Misty from Misty sing for me as she is a Singer and when you get her going she will make sweet music as she hums away

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  4. She looks exactly like the one I learned to sew on! Have fun!

  5. what a great haul and a thoughtful hubby. happy birthday!

  6. It looks like what I learned on too! Who's your favorite singer? Try that for a name.

  7. First of all...Happy Birthday!!! You sure found a beauty. I can't believe all the accessories that came with it! I know you will enjoy her. Personally, I have really enjoyed reading the manual ;-) It is amazing how our language and the ideals/expectations of women has changed over the years. The manual kept me laughing for days!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! The most popular baby name in 1948 was Linda. Good luck--you'll think of it. --Jean

  9. Wow, cool find! It makes me want to take out my green metal vintage Viking that I also found at an estate sale. Sewing on it may be as close to time traveling as I'll ever get! Have fun!

  10. So glad you had a fun birthday! Love your new Singer. I agree with the rest in picking your favorite singer or popular name from that era. I named mine Ruby, but a close second was Jewell ;-) Michelle named hers Adele.

  11. Happy Birthday! A little late . . . sorry. But it looks like you had a good time. What a great birthday present! And the cabinet was like opening a time capsule! Fun stuff.

    What about calling her June? You got her in June, it's your birthday month, and somehow, she just looks like a June to me.

  12. Love this blog and little machine----I learned to sew on one like this!!! And my older sister still has hers and uses it to make beautiful quilt!!!! Its now 8/12--what did you name her?


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