Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Tuesday

My stitch and flip quilt top is done. I might or might not add solid white borders with a few accent triangles floating within them. I'm still debating.

A few close ups. That scissors skull print is getting down to small scrap sizes.

Look, it matches the porch furniture.

Bow tie pasta with peanut pesto, fresh tomato, and melty mozzarella pearls. The basil outside is growing like a weed. The jalapeno and habanero peppers are bountiful too. We've eaten so many jalapeno poppers this summer. The rain has helped everything grow. I put fertilizer down last week, so I'm eager to see what that does. I'd love to try tomatoes, but I'm sure I'd kill them in no time. Is there a variety that anyone can grow? Especially a serial plant killer like me?

You know how much I love nature. This grasshopper made a big bang when he landed on my studio window. The background is a bokeh, not a dirty window. Yeah, let's go with that. This big boy was about four inches long. Aaack, stay outside. And tell those dang dragonflies and wasps to quit dive bombing me.

Quickie Halloween block for the guild's BOM Lotto.

I played hooky from work yesterday and spent the day sewing with my guild buddies. After quite a bit unsewing, I finished this bow tie quilt top. It took me most of the day. Work is kind of slow, so I should be able to get more sewing in this week.

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