Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Stash #74

I haven't done a Sunday Stash post since mid July. Bet you thought I'd given up buying fabric. Yeah, I'm laughing too. I've been collecting Halloween fabric for a while. Loved this clothesline print. The selvage was especially cute. Little Jack-o-Lantern selvage registration circles.

This panel was on sale and had the cutest illustrations. I think a Halloween quilt is in order. If I start now, it should be ready by next Halloween. In  the meantime, I need a Halloween themed block for our guild's BOM.

More sale stuff I couldn't resist.

Rene' brought me a cute little Ghastlies print. I'd never heard of the Ghastlies, but aren't the illustrations fun?

The chubby cheeked baby is one of my favorites. Love the grey floral pattern on the woman's dress too.

Sometimes I am influenced to purchase by the selvage. Shocker, right? Although, it's pretty hard to resist polka dot, plaid, and gingham cats. They all look surprised to be here.

Peanuts and colorful selvage circles. Look at Snoopy laughing his fool head off. Poor Linus and his Great Pumpkin.

French fries. Self explanatory. I'd like mine with Buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese crumbles, please. You know you want some. Here's the recipe I used. The fries are baked so they're practically health food.

And who doesn't love free fabric? I scored these goodies at our guild meeting.


  1. Love the Halloween fabrics...and the cats, of course! I cut into my Halloween stash yesterday and have a few projects on the go.

  2. Your Halloween clothesline fabric is wonderful! (The other fabrics are great too, but that one made me smile. Is it silly to admit I smiled back at those smiling pumpkins on the selvage? Maybe I need to get out more!)

  3. Love all your Halloween fabrics! That clothesline print is just a hoot! Love the bat wings hung up to dry, and what a super selvage!

    OMG, I just adore that plaid kitties fabric! Would you mind telling me the manufacturer of that one? I think I must have some of that for my kitty quilt. Pretty please?

    You are a super shopper, Michele. :) And you're also making it very hard not to start shopping on-line right this very minute. ;)

  4. you're killing me! fun Halloween fabric, and even worse, now I want those Buffalo Fries!!!!! must have them.

  5. Super cute halloween panels! The pumpkins all have personality. I love halloween and sleep on "Ghastlies" pillowcases all year - they're my favorites!


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