Monday, September 23, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week

Not only is September National Sewing Month, this week happens to be Selfish Sewing Week. You're supposed to take time and sew a little for yourself each day. And apparently have a martini. Ha! There are graphics for coffee, beer, and wine too. I do love a challenge I can wrap my head around.

I made myself a hearty breakfast and got to real job early. I am totally obsessed with these Greek omelets. Fresh spinach and oregano with feta cheese. Amazingly, I can grow basil and oregano. I'm rich with those herbs. I burnt the bread, but it was Monday, you have to expect that. I hurried through real work searching for apple-shaped corn hole bags for a Zombie Crawl in Miami. True story. I couldn't make this stuff up. I wasn't able to find any and don't know anyone who sews, so I offered my client another suggestion and moved on.

Waiting on approval for other Zombie-related stuff, and a final logo design, I gathered some fabrics to make a block for our charity quilt. We're making quilts for the bunks in Camp Boggy Creek's cabins. Ten-and-a-half inch blocks with a slice and insert a stick theme.

I'm not sure what these blocks are called, but I'm calling them Pick Up Sticks blocks. Woodstock was happy to appear. He has his camping helmet on. I hope I'm doing these right. Whatever, they're fun.

I thought about vacuuming, but it was starting to rain. What? You vacuum in the rain? Just one more block and I'll go make a Key Lime pie. My cheap limes aren't going to last forever. I've already killed two nectarines this week.

Last block for the day. This one was my favorite. Bugs and marbles. Back to the trenches tomorrow. I really hope it rains again.

Selfish sewing week, day one. Nailed it. Key Lime Pie for dinner.


  1. wait a minute, you're not allowed to sew for others during Selfish Sewing Week. you're defeating the whole purpose! Cute blocks though!
    mmm the omelet looks yummy!

  2. EEK! How can you touch something, (even fabric), with all those bugs?
    I think I've seen all of them for real, as I used to work above an entomology lab/museum in the tropics. Can't wait to try the omelet though. Even bought some eggs!

  3. I like how you told your client that you don't know anyone who sews. I hope they don't discover your blog!
    I'm reorganizing my stash while I look for real work. Does that count for Selfish Sewing?


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