Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Say It Ain't So

Yumi and I are wearing our black armbands today. We were very sad to hear that the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative will cease operation at the end of this year. Sniff, sniff. I know how hard Ami and her wonderful group of volunteers work to promote and manage the initiative. And with the help of thousands of quilters worldwide, and more than 13,000 quilts, they've raised over $883,000 for Alzheimer's research. How about them apples?

I sure had fun creating these little mini quilts over the years. I also enjoyed encouraging other quilters to create quilts for this organization. Yumi got the fever bad, girl was unstoppable! It sure was fun to see everyone's quilts online and see the enthusiasm build.

1. Polka Dot Owl, 2. Mini Quilt, 3. Ladybug Mini Quilt, 4. Hearts on a Wire, 5. Wavy & Straight, 6. Red Tulips Mini, 7. Mushroom and Hedgehog, 8. Apple and Orange, 9. Poppies, 10. Lady Buggy, 11. AAQI Mini, 12. Pear Mini, 13. Purple Power, 14. AAQI Solids Quilt, 15. Untitled, 16. AAQI Mini

But as sad as I am to see the AAQI end their great accomplishments, I plan on sticking around to help them make their $1,000,000 final goal. That's a million clams, peeps. Tell me quilters aren't the most giving folks in the world. Even if you aren't a quilter, there are many ways to support this organization.

Thanks Ami and friends for your heartfelt dedication and service. Congratulations on a job well done.


  1. It makes for one great collage of your efforts, Michele! And I still have the gorgeous Japanese silks that Yumi sent mail. I need to get busy don't I ;) Thanks, Michele..Thanks Yumi. Gosh, I am SO going to miss seeing everyone's little quilts after 2013!


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