Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Again

This Creamy Spinach and Sausage Pasta was really easy to make and delicious. It's like Hamburger Helper for foodies. And you can't beat the simplicity of one pot meals. I served it for dinner with a tossed salad. For lunch leftovers, I added a fruit salad. Easy. Go look at her photograph, this is the leftover version. It was much prettier the night we ate it.

And since I saved so much time preparing dinner, I decided to farm a little. Ha! I'll be harvesting scallions and celery in no time. I've tried this before and only ended up with moldy roots. This time I'm changing the water out every day or so.

I finally made myself a potholder. The tutorial was really easy. I used some Monaluna retro blenders and other scraps. The hardest part is trimming the seam allowance and flipping the thing right side out through the small opening. My man hands hate scissors. Stinking thumb joint still hurts.

I also tried this Greek Pork Spinach Lemon Egg Sauce recipe from Rachel. Delicious and very easy. I made my own yellow rice as I didn't have any yellow rice in the house. Now I don't have any white rice in the house. The natives will have to eat the brown stuff next time we have rice. I can hear them moaning now. As Rachel said, the lemon and egg sauce (avgolemono) would be delicious on all kinds of stuff. It made a tangy and rich sauce when mixed with the braising liquid. Yum!

I took Hollywood's charge fishing while she completed an online test for one of her college courses. Humanities. Yawn. The Gregorian chants were freaking me out. So the little and I meandered down to my favorite fishing hole four houses away. I've taught many a kid to fish down there. You catch fish one after the other with bread ball bait and a tiny hook. He was so excited and laughed hysterically at me trying to unhook our catches and flick them back into the pond with my flip flop.


  1. That is a beautiful looking fish!

  2. I'm kinda mesmerized by the perfectly rounded sides of your potholder! Love the egg shape and the blender fabric. Thanks for the link, I will check out the tutorial.


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