Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Little Things

Quilts for Kids is an organization that provides quilts to comfort children. Founded in 2000, this organization has distributed over 100,000 quilts worldwide. The quilts are distributed in hospitals, shelters, disaster areas, and any place where the warmth and charm of a quilt might comfort a child. They are currently in need of lap size quilts (38" x 45") for teenage boys. For more information and a selection of easy patterns, click here. I'm going to see if I can find something suitable for teenage boys in my stash.

The printing plate on the left is for my great grandmother's hymn. I don't know when the song was published, but I always admired the plate when it resided at my grandma's house. My dad gave it to me to hold. My great grandmother was a great lady. She made a beautiful quilt for President Roosevelt that now hangs in the West Virginia Cultural Center. You can read more about her quilts here.

These tissue package covers looked like a fun little project. I hope I didn't jinx myself into a cold or heaven forbid, the flu. The media is scaring me to death with all this flu epidemic talk. I'm using rubbing alcohol as a body spritzer. I guess I could get a flu shot, but don't I have to go out in public for one of those? I think I'll take my chances. I used my hoarded Little Red Riding Hood fabric that has a waffle texture.

I made it to 16 Scrappy Trip blocks. Yawn. I think I'm done. I'll add some borders and this will be a cute baby quilt or play mat. I've seen some lovely versions of these blocks, but mine aren't really doing much for me. Too scrappy or something.

These blocks can be positioned different ways to achieve a different look. I think I like this second layout better. Too bad I can't leave them on my design floor until I decide.

I made a pecan pie Monday. It's my favorite pie. Since I mostly avoid sugar these days, I won't be enjoying a slice. I just ask Inspector Gadget for a pecan with some of the goo on it when he has a slice. Delicious. I dreamed about eating an entire slice for breakfast. That would get you going wouldn't it? Here's the recipe if you're a fan of pecan pie. And did I mention it's the easiest pie to make?

I made this meme for Hollywood. She called me at 10 pm while she was babysitting and was freaking out over a big palmetto bug. After I finished laughing, I talked her through some solutions to get rid of the roach. It's a Florida right of passage.


  1. Yes, the second layout is more interesting, I think. You are making me think about digging into the scrap bag...

    For the record, I am on Hollywood's side on the palmetto bug issue. It's the only reason to invest in a triple-barrel sting missile launcher.

  2. That last picture just cracked me up! I agree the second strippy trip along layout looks best. Love those tissue holders. Perfect project to showcase Little Red Riding Hood. Your great grandmother was very talented. Have you visited the museum to see her quilt?


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