Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That

Hillbilly Hand Fishing? Really? Have you seen these guys catching gigantic cat fish with their bare hands? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since growing up we spent a week each summer in the Florida Keys hunting lobster by hand. We didn't catch and release either. We ate those suckers. Some years we caught so many we got sick of eating lobster, if that's even possible.

I'm totally making my young adult children read this.

How about those summer tomatoes? I'm in produce heaven. I bought these at our local farmer's market. They were so red and juicy.  Can you guess what I'm going to have for lunch?

Yep, a BLT! Oh it was so good. I want another.

Kathryn, one of my guild buddies gave me some small batik squares in pretty jewel tone colors. I put them all together and then framed them with a batik from my stash.

I made a pieced backing with even more batiks.

Now don't faint, but I made the binding for the quilt too. Very uncharacteristic for me. I usually just put a hunk of fabric with the quilt top and call it a day. Now to get that flimsy quilted.

I used the leftover bacon to make a bacon and blue cheese bread. I gotta get off that blue cheese wagon. I can't quit it.

Our guild is submitting blocks to the QuiltCon Block Challenge. Here's my rushed entry. All of the blocks submitted were really cool. The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild has so many talented quilters. It's so much fun to see what everyone creates.

Broke out the watercolors yesterday to make a sunflower ATC. I left everything out, so I may get to paint a little more today.


  1. Did you photoshop those tomatoes--'cause holy cow that's some serious red! The drought here has caused our tomatoes to be less than, however they are still 5x better than supermarket tomatoes!

    Love your watercolor playing...

  2. Sorry I missed the meeting today. I was so looking forward to seeing everyone. I like your Quilt Con block. Love how you put together the jewel tone batik scraps....looks like a watercolor painting!!! Your actual watercolor painting isn't bad either ;-)

  3. Very nice. I hope you put some of those blue cheese crumbles on your BLT because that puts it right over the top for me! Mmmmm. I need to have a BLT soon!

    What is a sunflower ATC?

    I'm working on learning to Zentangle. I wonder if I'll ever get good at drawing things the same size in repetition?

  4. I LOVE the ATC, (and the tomatoes of course). I totally agree with some blue cheese on that BLT. Also, thanks for the QuiltCon block. I'm so happy we got as many as we did.

  5. I just started a weekly "really random" linky party. I hope you link up this week. I LOVE posts like this. Wow, those tomatoes look good. And your block is gorgeous!

  6. THAT is my kind of sandwich!! What I wouldn't give to find tomatoes like yours! Lovely QuiltCon block!

  7. I like your block. Bleu cheese....mmmmm.....

  8. Those tomatoes make me want to drive to Florida right now. Why haven't I been able to find any like that?? Dang.


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