Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

I had lunch with this little lady this week. Her parents came too. Here she is sleeping like an angel on the quilt I made her. We tried the new Belle Isle Bayou restaurant. Our small little community has so many nice locally owned restaurants. We have all the chain stuff too, but I really prefer helping out the smaller establishments. The cheesy shrimp grits were amazing, but the service was awful. Hope they can work that out quickly.

Why is this crazy lady taking my photo with a flash? Mia was the perfect smiley baby while we enjoyed lunch. She downed a bottle of formula. At six months old, she's not quite ready for etouffee. She has tried and loves avocado and yellow squash. I think next up is broccoli.

Seven, yes seven more AAQI quilts from Yumi, my friend in Japan. I'm such a slacker. I haven't registered the last ones she sent. We're going to have a big pile of quilts to contribute. I bet they all get to go to the International Quilt Show.

Fun Japanese candy for the kiddos. They love when a package arrives from Japan.

Yumi also sent me a charm pack of vintage kimono scraps. I'm going to have to figure out something fun to make with these. Love all the different prints.

These crab stuffed mushrooms were the bomb. The wine and butter made the perfect dipping sauce for a sturdy hunk of bread. With a green salad, dinner is served. Yum. They're even good cold for breakfast. Or that just be my odd self. I'm ready for the weekend and some sewing time.

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