Monday, August 20, 2012

Sewing on Saturday

For once, I prepared a project for our monthly guild Sew Day. It was a kit I bought on sale some time ago. The kit was so inexpensive, I thought if I only used the fabric it would still be a deal. I opted to make the quilt.

I made a little progress. I also read my new quilt book, Sunday Morning Quilts, ate the entire day, drooled over gorgeous projects, and yakked with my sewing homies. Those gals are a hoot.

I love these animation stamps. Hollywood thought they were cool too. She said to me "you should save them and not use them; or is that just stupid?" I guess stamp collecting has gone out of vogue. She had no idea people collected stamps. I still have my collection my dad and I started when I was little. It's probably worth millions. Ha.

Last night's dinner. Barbecued chicken, sun dried tomato and roasted red pepper risotto, pink beans and salad. My love affair with risotto continues. College Boy and I are the only ones who really love it. The other two put up with it. Bones eats anything. The kids have hardly been home for dinners this summer, so I've been making stuff I like. Then they come home and say "what was for dinner?" and I tell them lobster and caviar. Or Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Cosmic Brownies. I'm mean that way.

Another odd breakfast. I'm out of sardines, so I had turkey and Gorgonzola on Triscuits and half a plum. The fruit has been really good this summer. We've been enjoying cherries, grapes, stone fruits, and melons. I hope everyone has a fun and productive week. Or a relaxing one. Your choice. College starts next week for my not so littles, so it will be quiet around here.


  1. I love the pixar stamps too! Gotta share them tho! You know whoever gets an envelope with one is smiling :)

  2. Sunday Morning Quilts is my new favorite quilt book. I drooled on my copy, too!


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