Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tutorial City

I stumbled upon Gwenny Penny's adorable blog today (thanks The Long Thread). Check out Gwen's adorable pencil pouch. I wonder if college kids still carry pencils? My daughter is using my polka dot homemade laptop cover for college. I thought for sure she would have to go out and buy something "normal." I did have to pack her a lunch today. It appears that college food is just as awful as high school food. It's nice to still be needed. My days are numbered.

Gwenny Penny has even more cute tutorials right here. I wish I could spend the afternoon making all her cute little things.

Crafting blogs are so distracting. If you need something to make, my Pinterest small project board is growing with cute projects. Go make something. That laundry will wait.


  1. That is so cute! Wish I'd made that for Emma instead of the one I broke down and bought at Walmart!

  2. ohmy, that is darling! thanks for pointing me in gwenny's direction--what a treasure trove of tutorials!

    you have the BEST finds.


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