Friday, September 9, 2011

Is It Friday Yet?

Three Houses, 12.5" x 6".
A little mini I whipped up for a swap. We're making these blocks for our guild's block lotto, so I decided to test drive the pattern for this little mini. Black is so hard to photograph.

I finally put some borders on the wonky houses. Now to get this baby quilted. I might attempt it myself.

I did quilt and finally finish this table nuisance runner. My family considers table linens a nuisance.

A little linen and cotton pouch for a swap. I hardly break a sweat when I see zippers now. Progress. Just don't ask me to put one on a piece of clothing. The thought of that still makes me perspire, as a lady says. My mom always said that. I wonder if her mom said the same thing?

And one more little mini for our guild swap. Thankfully, I had a single Grandmother's Flower Garden bloom hanging around, because the deadline was looming. More swap deadlines are coming. I need a butler and a maid.


  1. Love the little house quilt! And I share your feelings about zippers-- I"m getting comfortable but they still make me a little nervous...


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