Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Time To Eat!

Quickie dinner last Friday night. Salad caprese, homemade tortilla chips and chopped avocado. No muss, no fuss. If I had my way, I'd eat appetizers for every meal. I've eaten my body weight in salad caprese this summer.

I try to eat a healthy breakfast, but this brown puffed rice is not very filling with skim milk. Plus it looks a little like maggots. The other cereal I eat has flax seeds in it and they look like bugs. Maybe I'm not a cereal person. Speaking of milk, we ran out of milk Saturday morning and I had to use heavy cream in my coffee. It. was. delicious. Crazy good. Is that what they do at Starbucks to keep everyone coming back?
So an hour after breakfast and right before I pass out from malnutrition, I had to have some Triscuits and brie. My favorite Triscuits are the Deli Rye flavor. I cannot live without those crackers.

An apple mug rug for an aspiring teacher. Anyone remember Dick and Jane readers? My very funny blog buddy Rachel has a hilarious post of early reader books.


  1. my 1st thought, upon seeing your puffed cereal, was definitely "maggotts"! (I'll pass on healthy, if that's it). But the tomatoes and avacado could easily swing me around.
    Love the mug rug.

  2. That dinner looks like the perfect meal to me. Especially the tomatoes and avocados.

  3. I hate you. that food looks soooo good and I love the carry on cup.


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