Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Stash #32

I didn't quilt or sew until about four years ago, but I've always collected fabrics. Mostly vintage or retro prints like these. I found all of these cotton cuties at an estate sale last week. It's a good thing I finally learned to sew!

I also found these two biscuit cutters which I've wanted forever. The elderly lady who lived next door to me growing up watched me after school and taught me to bake while we watched Dark Shadows and Merv Griffin. She kindly gave me her biscuit cutter which I used for many years. Even after it got mangled in the garbage disposal. Luckily my dad was able to pound it back to a round shape. Sadly, it's been lost for years. I suspect some child of mine used it for something and never put it back. Same reason we only have two teaspoons.


  1. I have one vintage biscuit cutter and a few other things..measuring cup, cookies cutters...that sort of thing. LOVE them. didn't quilt or sew until four years ago!!! A feather just floated by and knocked me over!!! You've come a long way in a hurry, lady and you are doing fantastically well!!!

  2. I love the old biscuit cutters!! I think my Great-Grandmother had those when I was growing up.


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