Thursday, June 30, 2011


I found some quickie projects in blogland to get me motivated this morning. This is a cute headband tutorial. I stole one of Inspector Gadget's 2,000 T-shirts and hacked it up. He'll never miss it.

Or how about this tiny pincushion? You can find the tutorial right here.

I decided to make a mini out of my string blocks. It's supposed to be crooked. Really. I wanted to do spiral quilting, but I wimped out. My free motion foot mocks me.

One wonky house block made into a mini. I did try a little free motion quilting on this piece. I still stink at it, but I'm not going to let that stop me.

This laundry tag made me laugh. Ain't it the truth? I've been teaching Laundry 101 to college boy (ironing included). About time, huh? Inspector Gadget is getting the class next. If all goes well, I might be mowing the lawn and doing oil changes soon. Fun.


  1. Putting the headband on my list of to dos. Really cute idea. My 19 year old son sent me a text message with a picture of a shirt and wanted to know if it should be washed as with the lights or darks. The 19 year old is easier to train than the almost 50 year old.

  2. Oh my gosh, where did you find that tag?!!!! Priceless! Cool headband. I'm glad you made those blocks into minis. They look great as does your free motion quilting....that's telling your free motion foot who's boss;-)

  3. The colours in that wonky house block just zingggg!!!! Fabulous!


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