Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. Milk and Cookies, 2. Rug Mug Swap, 3. shshsh house #1, 4. shshsh-house#2, 5. Pop Flower Quilt - detail, 6. Madras Picnic Quilt, 7. plain spoken quilt, 8. November Ringo Pie block for Anna, 9. Wonky Strips quilt, 10. D"4"P, 11. _DSC1978xxx, 12. _DSC1811, 13. Mini, 14. Ingrid Press Festival Of Quilts 2009, NEC Birmingham, 15. selvage tote, 16. I couldn't be more pleased
Randomly pulled images from my Flickr Favorites made into a mosaic with the Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker. What a talented bunch you all are! Thank you for the inspiration.

On another note, Blogger has this neat interface called dynamic viewing options. You can view Blogspot blogs in five different schemes. I like this sidebar version. The mosaic version would be a neat one for inspiration from your favorite blogs.

I need another craft book like I need another hole in my head, but I'm finding it hard to resist the wonderful hype for this book.


  1. And this is why I won't join I need another time sucker. I've already got great blogs and flickr to help me waste time and come up with more quilting and sewing ideas than I will ever have time to make! ;)
    Your flickr mosaic make me want to stop cleaning my sewing room and start cutting and sewing instead. Great picks!

  2. i love those red/white quilties. i saw them in new york city. where was that picture taken?


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