Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!

Did you see this hilarious Dad waving to his teenage son on the school bus every morning for an entire year? I bet the kids on the bus couldn't help but have a great day with a funny start like that! Go Dad!

I shipped off eight AAQI quilts this week. Four I made, three Yumi made, and one a doll quilt swapper made. How's that for productivity?! And speaking of productivity, AAQI awarded a $60,000 research grant this week! You can read the article here. How about them apples? A bunch of talented quilters and their little quilts are helping corral this awful disease. Makes me want to make more. They really are fun to whip up.

In fact, the June auction ends today and you can always buy others on the ongoing Quilts for Sale page.

Have a great weekend. I'm getting my chores done today so I can goof off more than usual. ;)


  1. haven't been to blogland for a long time but checked in today and your man in a wedding dress cracked me up! love your recent posts - looking forward to seeing you next week!

  2. You have been productive!!! Love that the AAQI is benefitting from all your hard work....but I want to see the pictures ;-) Guess I will have to stalk their website!


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