Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Finishes

Scrap busting again. I stumbled across this great tutorial and whipped up a new potholder.

I can't even remember when I pieced this small quilt. I had it quilted by a longarm quilter and finally finished the binding and label this week.

And another finish! This coin quilt was probably made the first year I started quilting. Before I sewed, I collected fabric. I know. Crazy. I've always loved old linens and vintage textiles. The quilt has some interesting vintage cotton prints mixed with newer fabrics. There's even some tie-dyed fabric my daughter and I made. It too went off for longarm quilting and sat around waiting for me to bind it. Procrastinate much? I have three more to bind.


  1. Congratulations! feels good to get some of those things off the unfinished list, doesnt it?

  2. beautiful quilt. Love all the fabrics.

  3. I loved seeing these two quilts in person....beautiful! I really like how you photographed them outside on your gorgeous tree.

  4. i love the design because its very unique and it is great!

  5. Your pot holder is so colourful and fun!


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