Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ticky Tacky

Little boxes, little boxes, do you know this song? Mine aren't made out of ticky tacky, but I did find some charm packs to chop up. Now I'm bored with them.

My new phone case. This one fits very snug. Super easy, too. Here's the pdf tutorial.

I tested a friend's pattern for a chair pad. This will come in handy on the hard chairs at Sew Day and the itchy chair in my studio. I'll let you know when the pattern is available for purchase.

A lovely swapper sent me this cute apron. The embroidered design is adorable. I shall only make meringues, white gravy and bread in this pristine, white apron.

My Doll Quilt Swap buddy Dotty's latest selvage creation.


  1. OMG! Seriously??? Do you know that this song was going through my head on Sunday as DH and I were looking something up on the internet? My sister used to sing this to me as a kid and I loved it, so when it came to mind, I looked up the lyrics because I had forgotten the second and third verses! How crazy is it that I should run across your post! By the way, love the houses! So cute!!

  2. I learned that song in 6th grade guitar class. "Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky..." Memories!

  3. I love your little house blocks! Don't you hate it though when you get tired of something before it's finished. Maybe they'll grow on you again. I hope so, they'll make an adorable quilt! xo

  4. every single thing on your post is too adorable for words!!!! maybe your houses just need some little meringes?

  5. I don't use aprons, but if that's embroidered, it's great!!
    And I love the little houses. (Hope they come to me some day). :-))

  6. loove the fabrics you used for the cushion! so cute!

  7. I love what you do with selvages. I have a lot of them so I am going to try a postcard with them. So cute.,

  8. Great star. Clever use of selvedges. Love the little houses too.


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